Olek Sells Cellphones To Pay Her Legal Bills

by Emily Colucci on June 22, 2012

Crocheting her way through a cellphone commercial, artist Olek is Samsung’s latest spokesperson, starring in an ad for their Galaxy Note smart phone.

Watching the commercial, Olek goes on a road trip in a crocheted car, stopping to crochet on random trees and cartwheel around a crocheted teepee while still checking her trusty phone.

Observing Olek run through the woods in a knit-body suit, I kept wondering who Samsung’s intended audience was. I don’t think Olek is popular enough to have a wide appeal with most consumer audiences. Since her fanbase is mostly a young art crowd in urban areas, it seems that Samsung is trying to sell these phones to one audience: hipsters.

Obviously a bit embarrassed about her new commercial career, Olek recently explained herself on Facebook. Apparently, she starred in the Samsung commercial to pay her legal bills, which were incurred after she was arrested for an unspecified reason in London last year.

As Olek posted on Facebook:

it covered 10% of my UK lawyer’s bill… only 10% but i had fun working on it while traveling and geting [sic] new ideas…

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  • andreamd

    yo, Emily- Knitting is NOT what Olek does- she crochets. So take out knit/knitted and replace with crochet/crocheted.

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