Presenting the First Ever George W. Bush Painting Retrospective [UPDATED]

by The Editors on March 21, 2013

Now that former US President George W. Bush has been painting his retirement away, and his email is being hacked for a glimpse of the art he is producing, we thought it was time to give him a retrospective of sorts. A show that will do his paintings justice, like the illegal prisoners of Guantanamo.

So, we present a retrospective of America’s most famous Sunday painter. Please take your time and take in the glory. Unfortunately, the catalogue for the retrospective didn’t make it in time for the opening, the shipment is currently stuck in customs.


UPDATED: It appears 43 has been holding back when we curated his retrospective. Twelve new paintings have emerged over at Gawker.


Bench image via

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  • Mere Ubu

    You have to admit, this is the least damaging thing he’s done, at least!

  • Best. Show. Title. Ever.

  • kim drew

    Is it bad that they look better when they’re all together? I need a crit by a group of BFA first years next.

  • Carlos Detres

    The bottom two look like creepy serial killer art similar to the work John Wayne Gacy did.

  • $6225845

    wow – this is how he’s spending his post-presidency???

    confirms my belief that he never really wanted the gig. he just fit the suit the republican handlers made.

    • Brian Fernandes-Halloran

      exactly! and who do we blame for that?

  • rachel

    I want a cat plant.

  • GoatBlood

    You know what’s missing from the outsider arts show at the Philadelphia Museum of Art? That top right-hand painting of a blond dog on a baby blue background, that’s what. Hated him as President. Really like him as an outsider artist.

    • The artists shown in Philadelphia were mostly poor, started late and most died completely unknown. GWB is far from being an outsider in any way or form, he isn’t even “untrained” as he has an art teacher.

  • Brian Fernandes-Halloran

    the dog standing outside the white house fence, hello! these paintings are wonderful

  • Manuel del Cuevo

    All in all, these look better than half of the ironic schlock and “casual abstraction” on view in Bushwick at any given time. The weird holstein spotted horse is a really odd painting.

  • View Minder

    I’m diggin’ this dude’s work! I’d love to see an exhibition!

  • IsisWisdom
  • ulti matoe

    They all look like his two terms as President: amateurish and poorly done.

  • Julie Takacs

    GW. Humbled!

  • Finally there is something that i like about that guy, the painting of his dog, he should stay in the art business, as a politician he sucks, we have so much real trouble in this country because of him

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