Why Do People Go to Art Museums in the Summer?

by Chris Cater on July 10, 2013


Is it really that surprising?

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  • RobertWBoyd

    For the museums in Houston, the air-conditioning slice is more like 75%. And there is another reason that should be added–checking out attractive persons in revealing summer clothes.

  • kim drew


  • Severine7

    Never never because “art is culturally important”! That’s like enjoying a beautiful meal because “food is necessary for survival.”

    Tourism and a/c are nice, but I mostly go because I get pleasure from looking at art. And museums are lovely urbane spaces full of ideas, some bad and some good. It’s a pleasurable stimulation of the mind and the senses.

    • libertore

      wouldnt that fall under culturally important

  • Jeffrey

    And if you wait long enough, all those people will pass by and you’ll have some private time to spend with your favorite paintings and sculptures.

  • never thought about air-conditioning as a reason to go to the museum :) but I believe it could be one!

  • Edward Collins

    I’m much less likely to get a bed sunburn in an art museum than most other places I’d be likely to visit in the summer.

  • T.H. Gray

    As you can see at the link below, some museums only advertise that they have air conditioning, completely forgetting they have art and history too.

    T.H. Gray, Director-Curator
    American Hysterical Society

  • linda

    I go to be mesmerized.

  • Crispy Walker

    Lol, art isn’t culturally important anymore. I spent the day at the Met because it’s air conditioned, you can pay basically nothing, and it was hot as fuck outside.

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