When Street Art Goes Meta

by Mostafa Heddaya on July 24, 2013


Graffiti artist DS incorporated a man covering up his graffiti into a follow-up work (image via Reddit)

This image, depicting the work of British street artist DS, was briefly on the front page of Reddit earlier this afternoon, and it’s tremendous. It’s a brilliant piece, holding to account street art’s dialogue with state enforcement mechanisms while humanizing the faceless apparatus tasked with buffing graffiti. The artist may not be present, but he is watching.

DS, an East London native, is certainly not the first to have used street art to metatextual ends: Street Ghosts bring Google Street View views onto the very walls they recorded, while Mobstr, another British artist, has strategically used anti-graffiti buffing to build his own visual landscapes.

h/t Reddit 

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  • Sérgio Souza

    What about those political works by Os Gemeos erased by the police of São Paulo? The most recent one, July 18, ended up with a really interesting response.

    • Mostafa Heddaya

      Do you have images or a link?

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