Alicia Eler

Post image for Freestyling Animals and Signifying Rappers

LOS ANGELES — Behind every face there is a mask. In Ray Anthony Barrett’s solo exhibition Word is Bond at Diane Rosenstein Fine Arts in Hollywood, the artist investigates American cultural identities through the use of anthropomorphized masks.

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Post image for A Character Actor Gets a Trilogy of His Own

LOS ANGELES — “Who is Tony Longo?” my editor inquired, after I pitched her on this piece about Thom Andersen’s new short film “The Tony Longo Trilogy” (2014).

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Post image for Young Joon Kwak’s Trans/Feminine Visions

LOS ANGELES — There is a new mutant form emerging, pushing its way past the thin layer that separates the interior and exterior world.

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An Encyclopedia of Kitsch

by Alicia Eler on September 16, 2014

Sara Cwynar's 'The Kitsch Encyclopedia,' published by Blonde Art Books

LOS ANGELES — It took a while for me to actually sit down and stop flipping through the channels and start leafing through Sara Cwynar’s gorgeous book, The Kitsch Encyclopedia.

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Warhol’s Little Red Face Book

by Alicia Eler on September 12, 2014

Post image for Warhol’s Little Red Face Book

LOS ANGELES — The name Andy Warhol is synonymous with Pop art, a movement often written off as apolitical and shallow in its engagement with American culture. Reflections of this assumption are all contained in Little Red Book #296, an album of 18 images that was recently gifted to Tulsa’s Philbrook Museum of Art.

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Post image for Exposing the Blood and Guts of Hollywood’s Teen Girl Fantasy

LOS ANGELES — Laura Parnes’s four-disk video series Blood and Guts in Hollywood exposes the idealized teenage dream for what it is: A boring, vapid fantasy of “love” that is marketed and sold to an audience of young dreamers searching for their soulmate in the illusions of silver screens and false idols.

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In the Spirit of Summer Memories

by Alicia Eler on August 22, 2014

Scott Benzel,

LOS ANGELES — The summer months are a time of slowing down, going out, hitting the beach, and drinking far too many iced coffee beverages. And yes, I even remember you., a five-person group show at Aran Cravey Gallery curated by Eric Kim, wraps up the summer season nicely, reminding visitors of the slippery line between personal stories and broader histories.

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Ancient Statues Pose for Selfies

by Alicia Eler on August 12, 2014

Selfie-ification of Hamo Thornycroft,

It’s one thing to take a #museumselfie with a work of art, as if to say, “yes, I was here with this artwork” or “yes, here is my reflection in the surface of this piece.” It’s another thing to make Greco-Roman statues look like they were chiseled specifically for selfie-shooting moments.

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Hans-Ulrich Obrist

LOS ANGELES — The art world has a lot of feelings about Instagram. On a humid Saturday night in Los Angeles, the roving cultural hub ForYourArt spilled their #instaguts about it all through the Instagram Mini-Marathon.

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Minor White’s Vulnerability

by Alicia Eler on July 25, 2014

Minor White, “Untitled (composite print)” (1973)

LOS ANGELES — Minor White’s photographs offer a portrait of a life lived in collaboration with the natural world, other people, and the great beyond. This collection of crisp photographs make up the retrospective Manifestations of the Spirit.

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