Laura C. Mallonee

Post image for Living Inside Art with Federico Babina

Everyone dreams about having a great piece of art to one day hang in their home or office. But to illustrator Federico Babina, that’s dreaming too small. Why not have the building you inhabit be itself a work of art?

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Post image for ArtPrize Winner Anila Quayyum Agha Talks Sacred Spaces and Religion

Last Friday, Pakistani-American artist Anila Quayyum Agha won both the popular and juried vote at ArtPrize for her installation “Intersections.” It was the first time in the history of the Grand Rapids-based competition that an artist reaped top honors in both categories.

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Post image for Japanese-Paraguayan Photographer Searches for a Homeland

Leaving one’s country to make a new life in another can be an isolating experience, but growing up as the child or grandchild of an immigrant can also be lonely in its own way. Photographer Ricardo Nagaoka knows this firsthand.

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Post image for A Tale of Motherhood in Julie Blackmon’s Playful Photographs

Fifteen years ago, photographer Julie Blackmon was exploring the basement of her Springfield, Missouri, home when she discovered an old dark room.

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Post image for Beijing Artists Arrested for Showing Solidarity with Hong Kong Protest

China has been detaining citizens across the mainland who express solidarity with the Umbrella Revolution, Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported. Since September 22, police have held more than 30 people, including several artists, and have questioned many more.

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Post image for No False I-Dolls: Religious Barbie Show Ken’t Go On

Two Argentinian artists are facing vehement criticism for creating Barbie dolls inspired by religious figures, and the Buenos Aires gallery planning to exhibit them has cancelled the show ahead of its opening.

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Turning Power Plants Into Public Art

What if artists could use their know-how to engage in a practice that actually brings about real change?

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Post image for Vladimir Putin’s Birthday Art Bash

Pop quiz: What’s the best way to celebrate the 62nd birthday of a “democratic” leader with dictator-like tendencies?

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What Makes Art Racist?

by Laura C. Mallonee on October 8, 2014

Post image for What Makes Art Racist?

Today, the European Network Against Racism (ENAR), a self-described “voice of the anti-racist movement in Europe,” released a statement titled, “Is art becoming the ultimate refuge of racism in Sweden and Denmark?”

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Post image for Moshe Safdie Calls on Architects to Rethink How Cities Are Built

In his keynote speech closing the World Architecture Festival last week, Moshe Safdie called for a reevaluation of how we design our cities, Dezeen reported. The 76-year-old architect argued that his profession’s understanding of “what urban design is all about” needs a “reorientation.”

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