Artists Gilbert & George Discuss Shit, Art, and Death


Today, I did a deep dive into YouTube and pulled out this undigested grain from a pile of … well, let me get to the point. British artist duo Gilbert and George were interviewed about their Naked Shit Pictures exhibition at the South London Gallery in 1995.

As expected, the works were pictures of the artist and fecal matter. But nothing in the art world is straightforward, so you can only imagine that there’s a lot of explaining to do.

Here are my favorite lines for this archival video presented on The Kino Library YouTube channel:

“It is only convention that we have these feelings about shit … there is nothing inside ourselves which really has an objections toward shit, it is just a convention, and we wish to be as artists unconventional.”

“Why shouldn’t shit be shown?”

“There is great beauty in shit, as we’ve shown it … ”

“We’ve always been much more delicate and much more disturbed than people imagine. And creating these pictures was the most complicated thing we’ve ever did. It affects you sexually, it affects you psychologically … the romantic aspect of your nature, everything becomes slightly damaged, but with time things can heal, and we can go forward.”

“No one can prove that there is anything wrong with our pictures.”

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