OMG, we have exciting news today: Hyperallergic has been acquired by bleeding-edge media company BuzzFeed for an undisclosed amount. The announcement was made earlier today via Twitter, where Buzzfeed’s Founder and CEO Jonah Peretti hinted at a new age for art media:


The acquisition comes not a moment too soon for Hyperallergic co-owners Veken Gueyikian and Hrag Vartanian. “I’ve always loved lists,” says Publisher Veken Gueyikian. “Why waste breath talking smack about something?” adds Editor-in-chief Hrag Vartanian. “You see it in so many old media-type places, the scathing takedown rip. And I love cat videos … there, I said it.”

After a bidding war that pitted BuzzFeed against Huffington Post and Upworthy, the deal was finalized on Monday, and Hyperallergic quickly announced plans to close their Brooklyn office later this month. “We’re going to join Spike Lee on the Upper East Side,” Gueyikian says.

Hyperallergic also considered going to an all-meme format, but decided that the integrity of BuzzFeed’s quizzes was a better fit. BuzzFeed released a look at some upcoming content readers can expect to see on the new Hyperallergic, including art-relevant polls:

  • Which Character in Diego Velázquez’s “Las Meninas” Are You?
  • Which Identity Politics Artwork Are You?
  • Which Biennial Are You?
  • Which Picasso Period Are You?
  • Which Metropolitan Museum Period Room Do You Belong In?
  • Which Art Movement Are You?
  • Which Street in Chelsea Are You?
  • Which Gallery Desk Girl Are You?
  • Which Looted Antiquity Are You?
  • Which of Damien Hirst’s Formaldehyde Animals Are You?
  • Which Endangered World Heritage Site Are You?
  • Which Migrant Worker Working on a World-Class Museum in an Autocratic Country Are You?

As well as must-see lists:

  • 27 Signs You Should Not Get an MFA
  • The 13 Sexiest Conceptual Artworks
  • 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Flipping Artwork
  • 67 Thoughts Everyone Has at an Opening
  • 26 Whitney Biennial Artists’ #AfterSex Selfies
  • 21 Problems Only Artists with Long Hair Understand
  • 2 Art Critics Who Do It for the Money
  • 46 Artists Who Are Also Great Snugglers
  • 44 Ways Auctions Will Change the World
  • 32 Museum Guards Who Don’t Need Healthcare
  • 28 Curators on Tinder
  • 12 Cats that Like Jeff Koons
  • 10 Great Animal Artists
  • 16 Architectural Marvels that Have Killed Migrant Workers
  • The 53 Most Pivotal Moments from Documenta’s Opening Night After-After Party
  • 18 Art-World-Friendly Ways to Gentrify Your Loft Building
  • 174 Unpaid Internships Offering Exposure

And a new emphasis on hard-hitting features:

  • “Ryan Trecartin on Fame: It’s Crazy”
  • “We Watched Japanese Performance Art, and It Was Really Confusing”
  • “Do We Need Galleries Post-Instagram?”
  • “The New Rules of Texting Etiquette at Art Fairs”
  • “The Whitney Biennial’s ‘Like’ Crisis”
  • “How to Clean Your Own Artwork”

Hyperallergic will also be launching four new verticals to respond to this new direction:

  • Art-World Pets
  • Gentrification Watch
  • Celebrity ‘Art’ Selfies
  • Artists at Home

The future is bright at Hyperallergic, but we’ll let the GIF speak for us:



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  1. Finally, art coverage without haters! I think all art reviews should be good reviews, to respect the fact that these artists did art, artistically.

    (Although I would’ve loved an Upworthy merger. “This Artist Bought a Regular iPhone, But What She Did With It Will Blow Your Mind Okay Fine She Took a Selfie”.)

  2. My god I almost had a fucking heart attack before I realized what this was hahahah. Not cool guys.

  3. I kinda wish this was real… I really wanna know whether I should get an MFA or not

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