The work that was at the center of the case. Nadia Plesner’s “Darfurnica” (2011) (via

Dutch artist Nadia Plesner is very relieved that a court in The Hague has thrown out a copyright infringement lawsuit that was brought against her (again) by luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

The Paris-based company accused the artist of inusing the company’s iconic Audra bag in her painting “Darfurnica” (2011). The Eyeteeth art & politics blog has the story and a reaction from the artist, who says:

Today is a great day for art. If I had lost this, I believe it would have caused many artists to cencor [sic] their own work to avoid legal trouble. Now we have won back our freedom to make reference to the modern society we live in.

Back in March, Hyperallergic contributor Cat Weaver extensively explored the Vuitton v Plesner case.

Hrag Vartanian is editor-in-chief and co-founder of Hyperallergic.

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