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This week, Godard’s anti-imperialism, in defense of “bad” curating, an inexplicable statue, criminalizing culture wars, and more.

Lauren Purje

Lauren Purje (b. 1987) grew up in Dublin, Ohio and graduated from Ohio University in 2009 with a BFA in Painting. She moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2011 where she currently lives and works. This series of comic...

8 replies on “Is It Art or Illustration?”

  1. One gallery owner told me his rule of thumb on art vs. illustration: “If I could use the work to illustrate a general topic, non-art article in a magazine or newspaper, then it is not art.”

      1. Would guess different rules would apply to religious art produced before there were newspapers or magazines….and photography. Most religious art created back then was to illustrate an event or produce a realistic portrait back then.

  2. uhm… isnt conceptual art just the illustration of that concept? I do not get how humans can do anything else then illustrate, anyway. Now, there are many different ways to illustrate both cute cats and philosophical concepts, or to illustrate philosphical concepts with cats or cats with philosophical concepts or whatever, and there is good and bad illustration perhaps, but it is always, ever, illustration. of a cat or a concept.

    1. But the gallery wants to sell “art”, not illustrations… 🙂 When is an artistic creation of a cat art or an illustration? (Guess it is up to the seller and buyer to decide.)
      Was in a discussion with several artists arguing that most works created digitally, while pleasing to look at, are illustrations and not art…since there is no “original” of the art; i.e. no painting on canvas, paper, wood, metal, etc.

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