Being part of the art world means that many of our jokes fall flat or are incomprehensible to outsiders. That’s alright, this poster of traditional Western art history makes the art geeks among us chuckle, while it might just help the uninitiated get up to speed.

And you thought Art History 101 was useless. (click for larger images)

Via Swissmiss, and as an added bonus, she links to a fantastic graphic which outlines the Evolution of Type Taste from grade school to art school.

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This week, the Tonga eruption as captured from space, Boston gets a big gift of Dutch and Flemish painting, 30 years of New Queer Cinema, an important Marcel Breuer house is demolished, and much more.

Hannah Lee’s Dreamlike Realism

Being bowled over by an unknown artist’s first one-person show does not happen often but when it does, it renews your faith that the art world is not just about buzz and hype.

Hrag Vartanian

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8 replies on “Modern Art History Poster”

  1. Cute. I especially like “Duchamp owns everything.”

    Not sure if I agree that, “Being part of the art world means that many of our jokes fall flat or are incomprehensible to outsiders.” The trend in contemporary art is away from a world controlled by gatekeeper curators, collectors, critics & gallery owners.

    Encouraged by modern technology each of us can & does create our own insider art world.

    1. I think if you know who everyone on that list is, including people like Opalka, Rotella, and Raynaud, then you’re in the tribe. I think most intelligent people outside the art world would have a hard time knowing those names.

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