Interdisciplinary / Open Outcome
The Nomad/9 Interdisciplinary MFA is a low-residency program based at the University of Hartford, Hartford Art School. The curriculum brings together art, ecology, the technology continuum (from craft to code), and the study of history and culture. Featuring an open outcome philosophy, the MFA includes artists from diverse creative disciplines on the faculty, and in the student cohort. This open outcome program supports art practices in craft, social practice, eco-art, design, art and healing, and community engagement.

High-Impact Learning Across the Americas
The 26-month, accredited program visits sites throughout the Americas, using a living classroom approach to hands-on learning. During each residency, students engage in a reciprocal relationship with the site, learning from local practitioners and contributing to regional initiatives. Each site fosters awareness of the histories, cultures, and ecosystems. Between residencies, students continue their practices independently while working closely with faculty.

Designed to Question the Status Quo
In a time of rapid environmental, social, and economic change, artists benefit from an education that goes beyond the art world. Our first year learning experiences include green woodworking in a forest classroom; a workshop on materiality, death and regeneration; and experiencing North American indigenous knowledge systems with Dakota teachers. 2016-17 faculty and visiting artists include John Bielenberg, Mark Dion, Christy Gast, Hope Ginsburg, Seitu Jones, Ernesto Pujol, Allison Smith, Mona Smith, Linda Weintraub, and Caroline Woolard.

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