A Trump quarter found by a Brooklyn-based artist/writer (image courtesy the anonymous souce and used with permission)

A Trump quarter found by a Brooklyn-based artist/writer (all image courtesy the anonymous souce and used with permission)

A Crown Heights, Brooklyn-based artist and writer, who wishes to remain anonymous, recently found this curious quarter and contacted Hyperallergic. They aren’t sure where it came from but it clearly looks real enough to pass into circulation.

“I got it out of my coin jar that I keep in a kitchen cabinet at home, on Tuesday AM. It really cracked me up and the first thing I did was to google it to see what I could find online. It was totally weird because I couldn’t find anything until Thursday when a woman in Amarillo, Texas, had been interviewed on television. Since then people have apparently found coins that look the same in San Fransisco. According to various websites, people have reported seeing them in Providence and New York too but I haven’t found anything to back that up,” they told Hyperallergic.

The back of the Trump quarter seems rather conventional

“As you can see from the pics, it’s clearly a fairly new coin: it’s a lot shinier than regular ones, and I probably wouldn’t have noticed it otherwise. Other than that, it feels exactly like a real quarter. Now all I want to know is where they come from. How many are there? Think about it: how often do you look closely at your change? They may have been around for months. The whole thing is absolutely bizarre.”

Does anyone know who made these? We’ll report back when we find out.

UPDATED, Tuesday, November 8, 10:32am ET: A Facebook artist friend mentioned this to me:

The artist is from Europe (don’t remember his country, nor his name). He came to my/our opening in Harlem at The Project Space and secretly showed me his coin and told me about his idea to spread them.

Still looking …

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