Barbara Kruger, cover for New York Magazine (November 2016)

In the first 24 hours following Donald Trump’s election as the next president of the United States, the response among many who’d hoped and voted for a different outcome was mostly numbing and immobilizing shock. But in the following 24 hours, shock turned turned to anger and determination, a galvanizing desire to fight for change and a better world than the one that President-elect Trump plans to create. Tens of thousands took to the streets around the country, many concerned citizens planned actions and events in the days, weeks, and months to come, and many artists went back to making art — saddened, certainly, but also emboldened rather than defeated.

Christina Massey

The Illuminator

Bill Adams

Sam Vernon

Knowledge is a prescription against despair

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Liana Finck

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Molly Crabapple

Charles Lutz

“The End is Here” Oil on canvas 48 x 48″ 2016

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David Shrigley

Apple pie

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Jason Polan

Elbow Toe

Alex Nuñez

I can’t even look at you rn

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Tauba Auerbach

The end of reason

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Hardy Stewart

Make America Hate Again ???? #imwithhurt

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Sam Moyer

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Julia Oldham

Fanny Allié

#streetfind #trash #nyc

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Steve ESPO Powers

Zoe Buckman

Will Pappenheimer

@DemosPopuli –

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Hope Gangloff


The circus has arrived and we’re all going… like it or not.

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Lee Russell

On The Inside 24″ x 48″

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Liz Glynn

apparently progress is not a given #staringintotheabyss … and it’s in fact reversible.

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Wangechi Mutu

Brennen Bechtol

i approve of this message #trumpisafartface

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The Moving Company

The Moving Company is devastated. We’re gonna start a new social project in crown heights next month whoever wants to join – msg us

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