Street Artist Triumphs Over Urban Outfitters in Copyright Case

The Urban Outfitter's tee and Cali Killa's image. (via urbanoutfitter.com & according2g.com)

We posted about Cali Killa’s copyright issue with Urban Outfitters last January, and how the corporation has blatantly stolen from the street artist to sell tshirts. Now, Melrose and Fairfax is reporting that Cali Killa had copyrighted his image and was able win his case. The blog goes on to suggest:

It might be a good idea for all street artists to look into copywriting their images to protect against something like this happening.

They add:

On the other hand, a lot of people feel that images which are placed illegally on the streets should not be given protection.

Count me in the latter camp.

The artist has reissued his own indie version of the tees in his own online store. The limited edition tshirts (100 copies) will go on sale at midnight on September 30. They will cost $25.00 each.

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