I love this line in Leon Nefayk’s latest article in the New York Observer, “Don’t Call It An Art Fair!

Welcome to the New York art world in 2010, where it’s never about the money, even when it is.

How very true. And my second favorite line is from and about Elizabeth Dee (of the Elizabeth Dee Gallery):

“Trust me, if you go to the Armory right now, it’s just like people madly throwing up stuff on shitty walls,” said Ms. Dee, who said she will have a booth at the Armory but promised that it would function as a critique of the fair system.

Yeah, yeah. Everything is trying to be a critique nowadays, maybe it helps us all feel less dirty. And what the hell is up with someone comparing Dee with Warhol? Someone will have to explain that to me.

Last thing, wasn’t Dee she part of the go-go gilded age of visual art she is now calling “intellectually bankrupt?” The article doesn’t mention if she regrets her role in making it that way, or maybe that was all a critique or performance piece she never let us know about? WOW … maybe she is Warhol … or something.

Hrag Vartanian is editor-in-chief and co-founder of Hyperallergic.