Jennifer Coates, "Thanks for the Sex" (2017), acrylic on canvas, 48 x 48 in (all images courtesy the artists, Mrs. gallery)

Jennifer Coates, “Thanks for the Sex” (2017), acrylic on canvas, 48 x 48 in (all images courtesy the artists, Mrs. gallery)

Cake’s history has many layers. The bottom layer, all bready and sweetened with honey, dates back to the Ancient Egyptians. The next layer up resembles cheesecake and was baked to perfection by the Ancient Greeks. The Romans prepared the following layer, a type of fruitcake. These and many more cultures — from Medieval Britain to the Vikings — contributed ingredients to the contemporary culinary concoctions we call cakes.

Caroline Wells Chandler, “Walking Dead” (2017), paint, molding paste, glitter, gel medium on foam with wood cleat, 24 x 19 x 2.5 in

On Sunday, in tandem with its ongoing exhibition Cake Hole, Mrs. gallery in Queens will host a lecture by featured artist Jennifer Coates on the history of cake. Delivered amid the show’s gooey, dripping, and delectable paintings and sculptures of desserts, the presentation is sure to enrich the brain and whet the appetite. And for those who want to go home with their own slice of Cake Hole, the event will also serve as a launch party for “Cooking with Rose Colored Glasses,” a new zine by another of the participating artists, Caroline Wells Chandler.

When: Sunday, March 19, 6–8pm
Where: Mrs. (60–40 56th Drive, Maspeth, Queens)

More info here.

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