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The School of Visual Arts’ MFA Visual Narrative program is onto something universal. Unlike most MFA programs, their focus isn’t limited to one medium or artistic practice. Instead, their students are challenged to develop their own, unique narrative voice to inform a professional practice as both artist and author. With equal emphasis on creative writing and visual communication, this story-focused approach to art education encourages students to hone their skills in the medium that best supports the realization of their voice.

Heading into this year’s “And Then…” thesis exhibition, whether expressed as hand-stitched collaged picture books, faux-realistic notebooks, pixelated video games, or fully realized digital environments, each project and its unique characters begin to take on lives of their own. Some reach out, making connections to their heritage or history. Others look around and question their sense of family or community. And there are those that stretch themselves to make — or break — strong ties to other beings at great personal cost. Seen altogether, all of these characters struggle to link with their own humanity.

The work you will see arises from the closely-held parts of each students’ own lives — using the connective tissues of their own histories, preoccupations and experiences. This process requires a great deal of personal bravery and tenacity to find the voice and means necessary to achieve their own unique visions.

Curators, Jonathon Rosen & Ed Valentine

Gramercy Gallery
209 E 23rd Street
July 8-24

July 21st, 6-8pm

Public Presentations
Amphitheater 311
July 18th, 6:30-9pm

Guest Designer: Kelli Anderson

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