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JJU Collective installation view: Molly Tierney, “Painting”, oil, tar, enamel, ceiling texture, concrete, flags on canvas, 12’x20’; Woody O’toole, “Performance backdrop,” oil, spray paint, acrylic on canvas, 9’x15′; Michelle Garduño, “Sculpture,” mixed media on found discarded objects (photo by Molly Tierney)

The Terrain Biennial was founded in 2011 by artist Sabina Ott and author John Paulett with the goal of repurposing liminal domestic spaces such as porches, windows, and yards into public art sites. Running from October 1 to November 15, the third Biennial extends far beyond its origins in Oak Park, Illinois to include locations in Indiana, Arizona, Northern and Southern California, and even as far afield as Sweden and France.

This Friday, the Altadena site of the biennial opens with an exhibition and performance by members of the JJU Collective, curated by Nina Salerno. Artist Molly Tierney‘s contribution is a grid made up of several American flags, which she has covered in paint, tar, and concrete. Her related performance will adhere to the proper and respectful manner for retiring a flag, which culminates in its ceremonial burning.

Two other LA-area Terrain Biennial exhibitions will open this weekend: External Hard Drive at Dalton Warehouse, featuring candy-colored meme mashups by Instagram sensation Casey Kauffmann on Saturday; and on Sunday, Hairball, an exhibition of paintings by Pasadena-based artist Willis Stork that recalls an adolescence spent listening to punk rock, watching MTV, and lingering in bland shopping malls.

When: Opens Friday, October 6, 6–10pm
Where: JJU (2656 Santa Anita Ave., Altadena, California)

More info here.

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Matt Stromberg

Matt Stromberg is a freelance visual arts writer based in Los Angeles. In addition to Hyperallergic, he is a frequent contributor to Daily Serving, and Glasstire.