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Posted inArt

Shifting Silhouettes in Oak Park

CHICAGO — At Terrain Exhibitions, an artist-run space in Oak Park, Illinois, artist Karen Azarnia has created an installation consisting of a suite of banners that appear in varying light situations on the front porch of a suburban home.

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The Accessible Pleasures of Excess

CHICAGO — The unwieldy synthetic materials of late capitalism’s throwaway culture are worth their weight in gold spray-painted styrofoam bricks. In her solo exhibition Ornament at the Riverside Arts Center’s Freeark Gallery, artist Sabina Ott shoves aside the confines of what constitutes acceptable, eco-friendly materiality and throws it all back onto the mirror.

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Pissing in the Windy City

CHICAGO — Little boys don’t piss in rivers. They pee in picturesque ways and all look like the “Manneken Pis,” a small bronze fountain sculpture of a little boy peeing forever into the fountain’s basin. On view in Brussels since it was erected by Hiëronynus Duseuesnoy the Elder in 1618-ish, this sculpture serves as the inspiration for artist Paul Nudd’s group exhibition Little Man’s Pee Pool Party: The Whiz Paddler’s Lament at Chicago’s Antena Gallery.