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Munro Galloway, “Hate Brain” (2017), pen and gouache on paper. 9 x 12 inches (courtesy of the artist)

We see a figure with an oversized brain-head, a power suit, and orange hair or flames erupting from the head. Or it could be a pumpkin and a horseman in the night. An orange smear that consumes the brain — a feeling we have all had at some point. The great satirists — Goya, Daumier, Guston — understood that caricature is a complicated mix of anger, humor, and empathy.

Munro Galloway

Munro Galloway is an artist based in the Los Angeles area. He has had solo exhibitions at Studio 10 and Soloway in Brooklyn, and Murray Guy in New York, and is a co-editor of the ‘zine “Modern Pizza.” Munro is an Assistant Professor of...