David Bowie is, installation view (photo by Jonathan Dorado, Brooklyn Museum)

It’s been over two years since David Bowie died, but it seems we are still mourning his loss and continually finding ways to remember him. Most recently, there have been a David Bowie MetroCard and a graphic novel on his life, as well as the blockbuster exhibition David Bowie is at the Brooklyn Museum. Despite the museum’s advantageous move of charging $2,500 for VIP access to the show, visitors have described the display as moving and exceptional for the wealth of archival material on display. The museum has also been hosting a series of Bowie-centric events, including an upcoming discussion with the director of Bowie’s music videos, Mick Rock.

Rock, who also beautifully photographed Bowie, produced iconic videos, including “John, I’m Only Dancing,” “The Jean Genie,” “Space Oddity,” and “Life on Mars?.” This Thursday evening he will share, together with Gregg Kaysen of Mass Appeal’s Music Video Night, the stories behind these dazzling videos, where everything often seems tinged with the red color of Bowie’s hair (or the dazzling blue of his eye shadow in “Life on Mars?”).

Most excitingly, in addition to hearing what the Brooklyn Museum promises to be “intimate” backstories, there’ll be a screening of an unreleased Bowie video.

When: Thursday, May 10, 7–9pm ($16)
Where: Brooklyn Museum (200 Eastern Pkwy, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn)

YouTube video

More info at the Brooklyn Museum

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