Koons & Hadid Know the Name of the Game: Merchandizing

A view of the Jeff Koons-designed label for Kiehl’s (click to see bottle) (via Culture Monster)

Artist Jeff Koons and architect Zaha Hadid are A-listers that know that the real path to fame and fortune leads through the land of merchandizing and they‘re lending their designs to new products about to hit the shelves and boutiques. The problem is they are both pretty blah.

Koons has added his inflatable touch to the label for Kiehl’s Acai Damage-Protecting Toning Mist. According to Culture Monster:

The New York-based company says it plans to donate 100% of net proceeds from sales of the spritzers to the Rainforest Alliance, which promotes conservation and sustainable business practices.

That’s a sweet thought but is it just me or isn’t the label just really dull? Then again, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since Koons doesn’t really excel at two-dimensional imagery. For the hardcore Koonsians out there, the specially-labeled bottles go on sale April 1.

Zaha Hadid’s resin jewelry come in five colors: crystal, gold, jet, opal, and flame. (click to enlarge) (via Metropolis Mag)

At a higher price point, Hadid, already an accomplished furniture designer, is trying her hand at jewelry for Atelier Swarovski and it’s the first time the Austrian crystal manufacturer has commissioned a series from an architect.

Regarding her resin jewelry designs, Hadid told Metropolis Magazine:

We apply our architectural research and experimentation to these designs — but we also learn a great deal from the process of designing products.

It’s great that Swarovski allowed London-based Hadid to test out her ideas in a wearable form but judging by these designs, I hope her architecture benefits more from the experience than the world of jewelry did.

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