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A viewer entranced by one of the many immersive video installations on display at 3LD’s .Zip: DEVELOPING THE FUTURE (photo by Xiao Quan, image courtesy 3-Legged Dog)(image courtesy 3-Legged Dog)

Instead of delivering us the utopian techno-future that supposedly awaits us in cyberspace, this year Silicon Valley has found itself at the center of about a dozen narratives of dystopian disaster. Cambridge Analytica exploiting Facebook user data for the presidential election. Google receiving fines of $5.1 billion USD for antitrust violations in the European Union. Discovering that Elon Musk was a top Republican donor and that he called the Thai cave rescue hero a “pedo” in the same week. Maybe it’s time to stop trusting billionaire investors and massive corporations with steering our futures and listen to the artists?

3-Legged Dog (3LD), the multipurpose performance space that uses technology to foster artists’ self-expression and skills, has revived its immersive exhibition, now called .Zip: DEVELOPING THE FUTURE.

Every weekend, DEVELOPING THE FUTURE will showcase a different artist’s work, which often includes video projection and live music. The curatorial theme for this year’s iteration is “the life cycle of an app,” which comments on our apparent need for digital applications to traverse through this modern world of Seamless delivery and Cleanly laundry.

Speaking of laundry, the exhibition boasts a laundry list of talented artist groups: Caoyuxi(JAMES), Gan Jian, Jason Batchllor, Victor Morales, Sehyun Av Kim & Nick Bratton, Qi Zhenzhen & Wang Yang to name just a handful.  The exhibition will also include a series of special events, called “UNCOMPRESSED VOL.X” that will feature emerging artists. Admission to DEVELOPING THE FUTURE is $15, or $10 with a student ID.

When: June 30–July 29 (Fridays from 5:00–8:00PM, Saturday & Sunday from 2:00–8:00PM)
Where: 3-Legged Dog, Studio B (80 Greenwich Street, Financial District, Manhattan)

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