The German TV show called, “Heute Show” recently photoshopped Trump Baby into a series of photos from President Trump’s recent visit to Europe. (image via @heuteshow)

The protest baby blimp with inexplicable chest hair is officially coming to the United States to troll President Donald Trump on his home turf. Literally. New Jersey activists are planning to fly the angry Baby Trump balloon near the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, where the President spends many of his summer weekends.

Jim Girvan, one of the organizers, told CNN that they’ve gotten permission from UK activists to make their own balloons from the original patterns and molds. The British activists’ willingness to see Baby Trump travel to America likely indicates that we will see an exponential increase in these hot-air filled orange monsters across the country during November’s midterm elections. (UK organizers have previously expressed their desire to tour Baby Trump across the United States.)

US organizers raised so much money through their GoFundMe campaign (nearly $24,000) that they closed donations early Wednesday morning. Their original goal was set at $4,500. The so-called “Baby Trump Tour” is a collaborative effort between Girvan and Didier Jiminez-Castro, a local activist from Hillsborough, New Jersey. The campaign includes this note:

All of the funds collected are being deposited into a dedicated personal account to allow for disbursements over time such as purchasing the Babies, future shipping fees while on tour, permits, security, publicity, baby sitter gear and other Baby Trump stuff.  Our books are open.

Although organizers faced difficulties in Scotland when trying to fly Baby Trump above the president’s golf estate at Turnberry, Girvan is confident that they will be able to fly their version of the bloated blimp with relative ease. He is also the organizer of the People’s Motorcade, which holds protests outside of Trump National Golf Club every Saturday, except in the winter.

In his interview with CNN, Girvan noted that the fabrication of his Trump balloon triplets will likely take two to four weeks before completion. Activists also want time to double-check with Bedminster’s town ordinances to make sure they don’t break any rules. During the protests in Scotland, a paraglider who flew a Greenpeace banner over the president’s Turnberry golf resort was actually arrested Sunday. He has subsequently been released pending further investigation.

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