One Poem by Nate Klug

Our poetry editor, Wendy Xu, has selected one poem by Nate Klug for her monthly series that brings original poetry to the screens of Hyperallergic readers.

Sol LeWitt detail at MassMOCA, 2011 (image via Benjamin Kabak on Flickr)


Inchworm at Embarcadero


Where the system map’s

metal edge abuts

a fuzzed pink scalp,


an inchworm doubles back,

polite but unrepentant

in sounding the pent-up


space–hides half itself

like an em dash scrunching

to a solemn hyphen,


or a gymnast, all arm

between invisible rings,

or a pawn condemned


to the same two moves,

creative though short-lived,

or the steely tip


on the tuning fork

of a sonometer, twitching,

poised to decipher


the immiserated quiet

that descends (for some

more than others)


when we hit the Transbay

Tube, jolted closer together,

heads worlds away.



*   *   *

Nate Klug is the author of Rude Woods, a modern translation of Virgil’s Eclogues, and Anyone, a book of poems. He works as a Congregationalist minister and lives in California.

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