A “Performative Conference” Reimagines the Social World

Performance Space New York to host a conference on reimagining the social, looking at the relationships between humans and non-humans and how we interact on this planet.

From Mette Ingvartsen's <em>21 Pornographies</em> (photo by Marc Domage)
From Mette Ingvartsen’s 21 Pornographies (photo by Marc Domage)

This Sunday, Performance Space New York presents The Permeable Stage — Reimagining the Social, a performative conference hosted by choreographer and dancer Mette Ingvartsen. Ingvartsen makes performances that “stimulate the intellect and organizes conferences that appeal to the senses.” The Permeable Stage will feature artists, theorists, filmmakers, and activists in dialogue about relationships between humans, technologies, animals, plants, etc.

The conference begins at 1 pm with an introduction by Ingvartsen and a short film, Donkey With Snow, by Romuald Karmakar. At 1:15, Annie Dorsen will perform from her 2010 work “Hello Hi There,” and an interview with Dorsen on technology and algorithms in performance will follow. At 2:15, Patricia T. Clough will give a lecture on “Post-Phenomenological Subjectivity and Datafication,” and at 3:15, Isabel Lewis will host a celebratory gathering “using choreography, music, spoken address, and storytelling in ways that allow for conversation, contemplation, dancing, listening, or just simply being.” At 5:15 Ingvartsen and Carolee Schneemann will come together for a conversation, and following, Che Gossett will take the floor for a lecture titled “Abolitionist Entanglement: Blackness, Palestinian Struggle and the Limits of ‘Solidarity.'” Finally, the conference will close with a DJ set by Isabel Lewis.

Whether you can make it to just one or several of the Permeable Stage events, this is sure to be an enlightening conference that’s certainly worth attending.

When: Sunday, October 7, 1:00–9:00 pm
Where: Performance Space New York, 5782, 150 1st Avenue, 4th Floor, East Village, Manhattan

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