This week, it may feel like spring in New York but the doctor told us to tell you not to be fooled. It’s still winter out there and you should stay indoors and see some art. Lots and lots of art. So, we’re writing you this prescription that includes a couple of group shows to booster your immunity, an exhibition of indie music videos that will soothe your soul, a show by an artist into drawing little girls, a fashion week intervention, a Valentine’s Day-related show and a social media art panel that will make you feel a whole lot better.

A taste of what to expect at Amy Wilson’s show that opening this weekend at BravinLee Programs (via BravinLee)

 Sideshow’s Annual Art Show: MIC: CHECK (The: human mic) (OCCUPY)

When: Continues until Sunday, February 26
Where: Sideshow Gallery (319 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

We’ve written about this annual affair before and how it has become a “yearbook” of sorts for the local art scene. This year it’s bigger than ever with 520+ works by 489 artists. There’s always something to see in Sideshow Gallery‘s salon-style hanging that can be overwhelming but always worth it.

 A Winter Salon

When: Opening Friday, February 10, 6-9pm
Where: Parker’s Box (193 Grand Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

WNTRSLN#2 is the second ‘Winter Salon’ show at Parker’s Box, featuring art by gallery regulars and what they’re calling “special guests.” The promise the show should be one “to warm the cockles and tickle the fancy, while stimulating the intellect with the innovatory approach and pioneering spirit that we can expect from all of these artists.” Participating artists are: Ophir Agassi, Beatriz Barral, Virginie Barré, John Bjerklie, Steven Brower, Denis Castellas, Simon Faithfull, Jason Glasser, Patrick Martinez, Philippe Nuell, Caroline McCarthy, Bruno Peinado, John Roach, Mike Rogers, Stefan Sehler, Joshua Stern, Levent Tuncer, Gabriela Vainsencher
and Gerard Williams.

 The Wondrous World of Amy Wilson

When: Opening Friday, February 10, 6-8pm
Where: BravinLee Programs (526 West 26th Street #211, Chelsea, Manhattan)

Wilson’s world is often inhabited by little girls who speak for the artist through speech bubbles. They roam around the picture plane and contemplate the world and people, including R. Buckminster Fuller, Paolo Solari and Murray Bookchin. There’s a romance to these images that is seductive and warm.

 A 21st C. Art Show of Music Videos

When: Opening Saturday, February 11, 6 – 8pm
Where: Secret Project Robot (389 Melrose Street, Bushwick, Brooklyn)

Now that Secret Project Robot is fully settled into their Bushwick space, make sure you check out their latest show devoted to music videos. The rooster of indie talent is impressive and on opening night you can see the premier of The New K-Holes video by Sebestian Mlynarksi … I just like the title, because, well, who doesn’t remember the beauty of k-holes?

 Fashion Week Intervention

When: Friday, February 10, 6-9pm
Where: RSVP, Lu Magnus Gallery (55 Hester Street, Lower East Side, Manhattan)

It’s fashion week, so we feel obligated to let you know about this peculiar sounding event at Lu Magnus on the Lower East Side. Artist Tofer Chin and collaborator Jules Kim, of Jewelry brand Bijules, are hatching an intervention. We’re not sure what this means but the pr suggests Kim will “intervene into Chin’s current solo exhibition, adding jewelry and Bijules-inspired pieces to the currently displayed works of art.” Space is very limited (and the art is quite delicate) so you have to RSVP by email, rsvp [at], to ensure yourself a seat.

 Couples Exhibit Together for Valentines Day

When: Friday, February 10, 6-8pm
Where: dm contemporary Gallery (39 East 29th Street, 2nd Floor, Chelsea, Manhattan)

It’s Valentine’s Day next week so we felt compelled to list this relationship-intense exhibition.

Six artist couples have collaborated and are exhibited together for ♥+ Art : Artist Couples Collaborating and Exhibiting Together. The fact that the show title uses an glyph may make us want to puke (it’s so damn cute) but we’re going to visit just so we can psychoanalyze their relationships and figure out who is going to break up.

Participating couples are Jackie Battenfield & David Headley, Katy Martin & Bill Brand, Isabel Bigelow & Luis Castro, Tamiko Kawata & Ian Ferguson, Michael Kukla & Marietta Hoferer and Sheila Pepe & Carrie Moyer.

 Catching the Social Media Art Virus

When: Wednesday, February 15, 7-9pm
Where: RSVP ONLY, Pivotal Labs (841 Broadway, Union Square, Manhattan), $5

The Arts & Tech Meetup group is one of the city’s best places to meet fellow art geeks. You better have a Twitter handle and know the hashtag if you’re going attend this event or you’ll miss half the conversation that takes place in the twitterverse. Also, the events sell-out super fast, so if you don’t make it to this panel, we recommend you join the group and RSVP quickly when they send out their next invite.

This is the second time Arts & Tech is tackling the topic of Social Media Art topic and this time out they’ve invited Annie Werner, who is the art outreach lead for Tumblr, Shane Brennan of Creative Time, artist Amber Hawk Swanson, artist/curator/viral marketer Ryder Ripps and artist Jayson Musson (aka Hennesy Youngman). The panel was organized by artist Man Bartlett.

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