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Republicans in New York’s Westchester County have alleged that the Missile Dick Chicks, an all-women activist group formed in 2002, are agents in a George Soros conspiracy plot to undermine the county’s State Senate election.

The unsubstantiated accusations come at the tail-end of a week that saw acts of domestic terrorism sweep across the country. Last Monday, October 22 Soros (who is a resident of Westchester County’s town of Kotonah) was the first person to receive one of the pipe bombs addressed to Democratic leaders including Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton. Two days later, the campaign behind the county’s incumbent Republican, State Senator Terrence Murphy, incredulously issued a press release connecting the satirical feminist troupe to the liberal billionaire.

In the statement, Murphy’s campaign continues by calling the activists a “paid protest entourage” and an “obscene and radical group [that] has been linked to Soros-funded and Antifa hate groups.”

Even before the bomb threat, Soros has long been the target of extreme rightwing conspiracy theories that attempt to connect his substantial funding of the Democratic Party to a global network of billionaires seeking to undermine democratic elections. Resentment against his political activities has gone mainstream in the past few years thanks to President Donald Trump’s rally speeches, which often use Soros as a liberal bogeyman funding paid protesters to harangue the Republican government and sow a narrative of national conflict into the media industry. Many have accused such rhetoric against Soros as thinly-veiled anti-Semitism that replaces hate speech with less obvious signifiers, like “globalist.” And despite the billionaire’s recent brush with white nationalist extremism, Murphy has adopted Trump’s aggressive approach toward Soros just days ahead of his election during the November midterms.

The Murphy campaign’s statement tying Soros to the Missile Dick Chicks comes packaged in another conspiratorial complaint against his Democratic challenger, Peter Harckham, whose staff installed a trail camera outside the State Senator’s district office. (Harckham’s campaign claims that the camera was actually focused on the State Senate hopeful’s nearby lawn signs that kept mysteriously disappearing.)

The Republican press release attempts to draw a connection between the surveillance camera’s location and an earlier protest by the Missile Dick Chicks at the same spot.

“Trump Family Values” (via Missile Dick Chicks/Facebook)

In response to the allegations, Harckham’s campaign told the Bedford Patch that “connecting this skirmish over stolen signs to accusations of terrorism is way out of line.”

The Murphy campaign has not substantiated any of its claims against the Missile Dick Chicks, although its allegations against the group may be moot considering the collective’s 16-year history of protesting the Republican Party, starting with their actions against President George W. Bush at the start of the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. Shortly after the events of 9/11, the group of New York City-based women formed to protest the Bush Administration with satirical performances. They amplified the absurd machismo of the era by wearing paper maché missile “dicks,” parading themselves as patriotic, war-mongering supervillains. Often the group sings pop songs with revised lyrics (i.e. “Stop in the Name of Love” becomes “SHOP! In the Name of War.”)

The Missile Dick Chicks have denied connections to Soros in a cheeky press release of their own, which lambasts the Westchester Republic Party for their actions:

Having just emerged from the intense heat of the Mohave Desert on our 2018 World Domination Tour, we’re surprised and shocked to be dragged into a conflict between a Westchester, NY Republican state senate candidate and the darned DemonRats.

We tried to visit our dear friends at the Westchester Republican Party office in early October, in an effort to help the poor things with campaigning. No one directed us to go there. How dare they accuse us of being puppets of the DemonRat Party!? (Yes, we said it: Demon Rats!)

Now we must address the matter of conspiracy target George Soros. As everyone knows, George Soros spends all his time writing checks and personally delivering them to every violent lefty paid protester in America. Why would trillionaire Republican housewives from Mar-a-lago like us have anything to do with the likes of him? Our husbands would never allow it!

Yes, we connect with thousands of admirers via our Fractured Atlas fiscal sponsorship, but it is offensive and bizarre to suggest that this makes us besties with a yankee librul like Soros.

We’d appreciate the Westchester GOP focusing on the important work of telling lies about their opponents and suppressing librul votes, which is the only way they can win in NY. Meanwhile, we’ll continue our mission of traveling around the country in our Missile Truck and giving the “Golden Richard Award for War Profiteering” to our fine American companies like General Dynamic, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon (only #2 in war profiteering according to Business Insider, but we know they’ll be #1 next year if they try harder). (We like Mrs. Marilyn Lockheed Martin too, who’s company is currently #1. No offense!)

Zachary Small was a writer at Hyperallergic.

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