(Top Left): LoSai Clever Coat Rack, 2017 (Bottom Left): NEST Sound Sculpture, 2008 (Right): Moxi Healthcare Robot for Diligent Robotics, 2018.

Top Left: LoSai Clever Coat Rack (2017). Bottom Left: NEST Sound Sculpture (2008). Right: Moxi Healthcare Robot for Diligent Robotics (2018).

As the field of design continues to grow and cross disciplines, Cranbrook Academy of Art has responded with the introduction of a new MFA program – 4D Design, led by innovative designer Carla Diana.

In the fall of 2019, Cranbrook will welcome its inaugural cohort of 4D Designers working with interactive tools such as embedded electronics, mixed reality, and data visualization. A mix of designers, artists, engineers and scientists, they will prototype dynamic experiences to explore the impact of technology on everyday life.

At Cranbrook, students work directly with their department Designer-in-Residence to chart individual paths through project-based learning. They work alongside one another in a studio environment that combines obsessive tinkering with rigorous critical dialog and a high level of craft through coding, model making and digital fabrication.

Learning is curated to respond to today’s shifting landscape. Instead of set classes and top-down pedagogy, students are joined by groundbreaking international visiting artists and designers who share their craft and propose unique challenges through targeted design prompts during workshops and charrettes.

Cranbrook is looking for restless minds who come from both creative and technical backgrounds and are ready to embark on this journey of collaborative learning through hands-on discovery.

Now accepting applications for Fall 2019. To learn more about 4D Design at Cranbrook and how to apply, visit cranbrookart.edu/4d-design.