Submit Your Workspace to A View from the Easel

(image via BigStockPhoto)

If you wish to be considered for inclusion in the A View from the Easel series, please send the following information to aviewfromtheeasel [at] hyperallergic [dot] com:

a) A photo (600 640 1280 1400 pixels wide) of your workspace, not showing a particular work too prominently, but mainly your work area.

b) A paragraph describing what we see in the photograph and how it relates to your daily process.

No need to mention shows or promote yourself — there will be a link to your website for that, plus the fact that each article is seen instantly by thousands of people!

Views are posted whenever there are four to five contributions. You will be notified by email as soon as your View is published.

You can view past A View from the Easel posts here.

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