Some of the items Droog salvaged from bankrupt companies. (via

Sure the economy is still crappy but Netherlands-based Droog design knows that is simply another reason to be creative. Their newest project, Saved by Droog, is their latest attempt to design (or, in this case, redesign) the world around us.

According to the Droog website:

Every month about 500 companies in the Netherlands go bankrupt. Where do their products go? In the past several months we have been bidding on liquidation auction items ranging from handkerchiefs to dog baskets. We acquired 5,135 items … [and] invited 14 designers to consider these items as raw material for creative re-interpretation, the result is a new collection of 19 products …

Droog has published — rather boring & meaningless — interviews with the designers on their blog, including fashion designer Martin Margiela, who was given 11 teacups to reinterpret. Even if the blog doesn’t seem to do the project justice, I think the endeavor is creative and exciting. I for one am excited to see the results.

via UnBeige

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