According to David Byrne, Klaus Biesenbach Says Lady Gaga Is Not An Artist

(Left) Klaus Biesenback and (right) Lady Gaga.

How did this fly under everyone’s radar until now? According to a post dated March 25th and published on musician David Byrne’s blog:

At a recent art world dinner [P.S.1 chief curator Klaus] Biesenbach mentioned to me that he’d crossed paths with Lady Gaga, who said that she felt she was a performance artist — or an artist of some sort. Biesenbach responded that she was not, and reportedly she was a bit taken aback and stunned at his reply.

Byrne goes one to discuss tired old issues, “is it art,” that the art world has been grappling with for decades — though really, it is the public, not really the art world, that has been struggling with this whole “is it art” issue for the last two decades, the rest of us are over it.

Byrne seems to have just discovered this “controversial” topic and goes on to discuss issues of public taste, blah blah blah … maybe he’s studying up to be a curator?

While it’s great to see a MoMA curator standing up to a pop star, let’s all pretend to be surprised when LA’s MOCA announces its Lady Gaga retrospective in a few years time — I suggest the name Gaga for Gaga, I mean it’s so self-referential it’s almost art.

via @ArtNewsMag

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