Brice Peterson, Onomasticon (Annie), (2018); custom vinyl lettering; 55 x 55in. Emma Ulen-Klees, #41 – Pacific, Artifact Catalogue, (2019) Inkjet Print, Found Plastic 36×45 inches. Sophia Starling, Tuesday’s Studio Obstacle (red), (2018), Rubber and plaster. 23cm x 18cm x 36cm.

Cornell University Department of Art presents Or High Water, 2019 M.F.A. Exhibition at Safe Gallery in Brooklyn. Ranging from lush, immersive paintings, to process driven sculpture, to large illustrative prints, Or High Water reflects the intensely interdisciplinary nature of Cornell University’s Master of Fine Arts Program. In exploring themes such as the human scale of architecture, plastics as artifacts, and nostalgia and queer representation, the works reflect a diverse engagement with material practices as well as larger social and conceptual concerns.

Exhibiting artists include Bruno Cançado, Vladislav Markov, Chet Moye, Brice Peterson, Libby Rosa, and Sophia Starling, Yasmeen Abedifard, Patrick Brennan, Ege Okal, Ciara Stack, Emma Ulen-Klees, and Alexis White.

Cornell’s two-year Master of Fine Arts program encourages both interdisciplinary and medium-specific practices, augmented by access to the breadth of fields of study across the university. In addition to a number of visiting artists, the Department of Art hosts two distinguished Teiger Mentors in the Arts annually, including recent mentors Paul Pfeiffer and Chitra Ganesh, and provides exhibition opportunities in Ithaca and New York City. The graduate program, directed by Associate Professor Carl Ostendarp , also features the use of exceptional facilities, an exploratory international travel experience, and generous tuition remission.

Or High Water opens Friday, May 10, 6-9 pm and will be on view through May 17 at Safe Gallery (1004 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211) The gallery is open Tuesday – Sunday from 10 am – 6 pm.

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