The Internet Makes Me Happy” is an online artwork by Emilio Gomariz. The website is comprised of a seemingly endless number of full-screen videos of people enjoying their computers. The videos appear to be of bad actors enjoying the wonders of the world wide web on sets. The videos all are watermarked with Gettyimages, and are the generic stock footage quality one might expect from such a site.

What is great about the piece is that the viewer quickly realizes that as they enjoy the work, they might look like the people in the awkward videos. When much of online exploring makes one feel more sucked in, “The Internet Makes Me Happy” makes you self conscious.

Click HERE to experience “The Internet Makes Me Happy.” 

Ben Valentine is an independent writer living in Cambodia. Ben has written and spoken on art and culture for SXSW, Salon, SFAQ, the Los Angeles Review of Books, YBCA, ACLU, de Young Museum, and the Museum...