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Everything is Terrible! (photo by Jim Newberry, all photos courtesy of EIT!)

For over a decade, the obsessive weirdos of video and performance collective Everything Is Terrible! have been plumbing the depths of pre-internet pop culture, raiding video rental shops, thrift stores, and garage sales to find the strangest VHS oddities around. Edited clips of bizarre kids’ videos, instructional tutorials, and late-night infomercials are posted on their eponymous website, ranging from cat massage, to a pedophile-hunting dinosaur, to singing babies that will haunt your dreams. They’ve supersized their absurdity with seven feature films such as DoggieWoggiez! PoochieWoochiez!, a remake of Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain made entirely from dog clips; elaborate live shows featuring puppets, props, and costumes; and The Jerry Maguire Pyramid, a collection of over 24,000 VHS cassettes of the Tom Cruise classic, which they plan to assemble into a giant pyramid in the Mojave Desert.

putting the finishing touches on the Everything is Terrible! storefront (photo by Nic Maier)

This weekend, they’re opening a brick-and-mortar store in East Los Angeles to showcase their films, clothing, artworks, and related merchandise. The kickoff celebration will feature DJs, mascot costumes, a photo booth, murals, a 15-foot tall furry monster, and walls made from part of their Jerry Maguire collection. After bringing analog eccentricities into the digital age, Everything is Terrible! is coming full circle by providing a physical home for their special brand of retro whimsy.

The Jerry Maguire Pyramid (photo by Jim Newberry)

When: Saturday, July 6, 8pm–midnight
Where: Everything is Terrible! The Store! (754 S. Atlantic Blvd., East Los Angeles, California)

More info at Facebook.

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