Enjoy a Day of Free Admission to Hundreds of US Museums, Courtesy of the Smithsonian

On September 21, museums across the country will offer visitors free general admission tickets as part of the 15th annual Smithsonian Museum Day.

The National Museum of the American Indian in New York City (courtesy of the Smithsonian)

September 21 is a day to look forward to if you’re a museum-lover on a low budget. On that date, hundreds of art museums across the United States will offer free admission to their exhibitions as part of the Smithsonian Museum Day. The annual event, sponsored by Smithsonian magazine, will be celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.

Participating museums and cultural institutions across the country will provide free admission to anyone presenting a Museum Day ticket. These tickets are currently available on the Museum Day’s website, where visitors can search for participating museums in their area.

Eligible museums in New York City include the Museum of Arts and Design, Jewish Museum, Poster House, Museum of Chinese in America, and the National Museum of American Indians in New York, among many others across the city’s five boroughs.

Each Museum Day ticket provides complimentary general admission for two people. However, participants can download one ticket per email address. The Smithsonian warns participants that once a site is selected, they will not be able to change it. Choose wisely and rejoice in art.

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