Barkley, Mollison, Brown, Harrald & Crea, Staging the Bomb (VJ sequence), 2014-5

Unlikely is a transdisciplinary online journal, based in Australia, which opens unexpected spaces for artistic exchange and scholarly conversations across mediums, disciplines and continents. An experiment in form, each issue explores a theme through a two-stage process: live events/exhibitions showcasing the work of creative arts practitioners, followed by peer reviewed publication of creative arts work and scholarly articles and essays.

Issue 5, now online, Reimagining Maralinga, reframes the Australian experience of British nuclear weapons tests in the 50s and 60s—which particularly affected Indigenous communities—with “a bricolage of community ‘voices’ from Australian indigenous peoples, nuclear veterans, and global atomic survivors, artists and scholars.” (eds N.A.J. Taylor, Paul Brown, & Ellise Barkely).

Issue 6: Following sonorous bodies, invites writers and artists to work with the processual methodology of following in order to think with and through various sonorous bodies. Against habitual hierarchizing, binary and human-centric thinking, this issue will think about (and with) sonorous bodies enfolding and unfolding in relation to registers of gender, class, race, ethnicity, age, as well as human, more-than-human, posthuman, ahuman, and non-human. (eds. Anastasia Khodyreva and Elina Suoyrjö, Turku, Finland).

Issue 7: Translating ambiance seeks contributions from theorists and/or practitioners grappling with issues centered around embodiment and ambiance/atmosphere. This issue explores sonic ambiance through the figure and practices of translation. Ambiance—the ‘in-between’ that emerges between our sensory apparatus and the environments we encounter—opens up our perceptibility of the world (Jean-Paul Thibaud). (ed Jordan Lacey, Melbourne, Australia).

Unlikely also accepts proposals for guest editing of themed journal issues.

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