Kari Marboe, “Reprint: Duplicating Daniel Series,” 2018. Brown color study using a stack of “Clay and Glazes for the Potter” on fired ceramic table. Sculpture made from the artist’s personal collection of Daniel Rhodes’ textbooks.

Mills College Art Museum (MCAM) is pleased to announce Duplicating Daniel, Kari Marboe’s visual inquiry into a missing artwork from MCAM’s permanent collection by Daniel Rhodes. Pursuing a web of living and archival leads, Kari Marboe attempts to recreate the lost sculpture from a vintage photocopy, an accession number, artist interviews, and research. Marboe has amassed a collection of ‘replicas’ in the forms of hand-built objects, 3-D printed models, color studies, written accounts, and other renditions. The exhibition plays with the history of ceramics, the act of translation, and the inherent failure of trying to make or be an exact copy of something else.

MCAM has the largest art collection of any liberal arts college on the West Coast. In a file card box labeled “Lost, Stolen, Deaccessioned,” the Rhodes sculpture is listed as ‘missing’; the museum is unsure of the circumstances of its disappearance. Rhodes is the author of Clay and Glazes for the Potter. Rhodes taught ceramics at Alfred University in New York for 25 years and published six books on technical ceramics.

Kari Marboe: Duplicating Daniel is supported through the generosity of the Agnes Cowles Bourne Fund for Special Exhibitions.

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Duplicating Daniel is on view at Mills College Art Museum (5000 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland, CA 94613) through March 15, 2020. For more information, visit mcam.mills.edu/exhibitions.