Bridget K. Rogers, “Becoming a Wallpaper” (2019), digital photograph

The Tyler School of Art and Architecture is pleased to announce its annual MFA Thesis Exhibitions, the culmination of two years of intensive artistic and critical development for the school’s Master of Fine Arts candidates.

Tyler’s 2020 MFA Thesis Exhibitions will showcase the work of 37 students representing nine different MFA degree programs in flights of solo and collaborative shows spanning from February 5 through April 11.

“We’re so excited to see these students emerge as professional artists and contribute to the larger cultural, social and political dialogue,” said Tyler Associate Dean Chad Curtis. “As a cohort, this group of MFAs pushes the boundaries of both technical and conceptual practice. Their expertise across media and disciplines guarantees that this will be a dynamic series of exhibitions.”

When they graduate in May, Tyler’s MFA Class of 2020 will join an alumni community that includes some of the most influential artists, thinkers, and teachers of their time, including Dennis Adams, MFA ’71; Harriete Estel Berman, MFA ’80; Judith K. Brodsky, MFA ’67; Amber Cowan, MFA ’11; Angela Dufresne, MFA ’89; Anoka Faruqee, MFA ’97; Carl Fudge, MFA ’90; Trenton Doyle Hancock, MFA ’00; John Hatfield, MFA ’89; Edgar Heap of Birds, MFA ’79, Ree Morton, MFA ’70; Albert Paley, MFA ’69; Erica Prince MFA ’12; and Erin M. Riley, MFA ’09.

The exhibitions will be installed on the ground floor of Tyler School of Art and Architecture at Temple University’s Main Campus in Philadelphia, at N. 12th and E. Norris streets. New exhibitions featuring the work of three to seven students will be up every Wednesday through every Saturday, 11am–6pm, with receptions every Friday, 6–8pm. All events are free and open to the public.

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Tyler’s 2020 MFA Thesis Exhibitions participants:

February 5–8, 2020

  • Layla Marcelle, Ceramics
  • Chris Riddle, Painting
  • Jungmok Yi, Sculpture

February 12–15, 2020

  • Jazmyn Crosby, Sculpture
  • Quinton Maldonado, Photography
  • Ana Mosquera, Sculpture
  • Austen Camille Weymueller, Painting

February 19–22, 2020

  • Katie Garth, Printmaking
  • Serena Hocharoen, Printmaking
  • Alexandria Nazar, Painting
  • Olivia Sherman, Painting

February 26–29, 2020

  • Mollie Caffey, Fibers & Material Studies
  • Riley Strom, Painting
  • Warith Taha, Painting
  • Vivien Wise, Fibers & Material Studies

March 11–14, 2020

  • Jay Hartmann, Painting
  • Kelsie Tyson, Ceramics
  • Juliana Wisdom, Ceramics

March 18-21, 2020

  • Hazziza Q. Abdullah, Photography
  • Theo Ciccarelli Cornetta, Fibers & Materials Studies
  • Mingzhen Li, Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM
  • Mneera Alawadhi, Sculpture

March 25–28, 2020

  • Lucy Gillis, Glass
  • Jackson Hawkins, Glass
  • Lisa Jungmin Lee, Printmaking
  • Jiayi Xiao, Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM

April 1–4, 2020

  • Julia Clift, Painting
  • Wonbin Lim, Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM
  • Kathryn Mecca, Painting
  • Bridget K. Rogers, Photography

April 8–11, 2020

  • Xi Cheng, Graphic & Interactive Design
  • Mia Culbertson, Graphic & Interactive Design
  • Michele Fitzgerald, Graphic & Interactive Design
  • Mingfei Shi, Graphic & Interactive Design
  • Pei-Ju Shih, Graphic & Interactive Design
  • Shuang Wu, Graphic & Interactive Design
  • Yige Zhang, Graphic & Interactive Design