Zines by Lindsey Lee Eichenberger and her zine collective (image courtesy Lindsey Lee Eichenberger)

Perhaps it’s no surprise that there’s been an upsurge in zine-making during the COVID-19 quarantine. Zines are relatively easy to make, and are perfect for personal storytelling. They’re also fun to make with other people.

On Tuesday, May 26, the Women’s Center for Creative Work (WCCW) will be offering an online zine workshop from 6 to 7pm (PST). The lesson, which is free with a suggested donation, will be led by WCCW’s Education Coordinator and prolific zine-maker Lindsey Lee Eichenberger. “[I]t’s a nice, lowish-stakes activity that gets our minds working and taps into our crafty side,” Eichenberger reflected over email. 

Before diving into hands-on activities, Eichenberger plans on briefly sharing the history of self-publishing, from abolitionist newspapers to the underground punk movement of Riot Grrrl in the 1990s. She hopes this presentation will show how self-publishing has contributed “to social movements and why that’s relevant with zine-making today.”

For the zines, you’ll just need some paper, scissors, and your “favorite writing utensil.” Eichenberger promises to show you how to fold a “mini one-page zine” and will give you a prompt to fill the pages. (For additional inspiration, I recommend perusing these wonderful projects focusing on self-care, mutual aid, and more.) 

And for the teachers and students out there, Eichenberger is designing this class as a model for future lesson plans, especially if schools continue to hold classes virtually in the fall. 

When: Tuesday, May 26, 6–7pm (PST)
Where: Crowdcast

More info at the Women’s Center for Creative Work

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