Finding unique gifts is increasingly difficult these days. Playform, a technology company that works with a diverse range of artists and designers, aims to change that this holiday season with its pop-up art shop. Playform Art Shop applies Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to provide buyers with a first-of-its-kind, modern art experience. 

Playform Art Shop debuted its first “shoppable” exhibition, Destination/Journey, a group show that showcases four diverse artists within its Playform Studio program. Artists range from accomplished fine artist Qinza Najm, a Pakistani-American artist who challenges the patriarchy in her series CL-AI-MING Spaces, to Anthromorph, a digital artist who has previously exhibited at Burning Man and collected over 47,000 followers on Instagram with their shockingly beautiful transformations of the human body. Another artist featured in the exhibition, Mattia Cuttini, is a graphic artist who has been rapidly growing his reach through blockchain art platforms including SuperRare and KnownOrigins. The group show is rounded off by cinematography artist Barry Despenza, who used video frames to depict his works of moving images and sound. 

The title Destination/Journey refers to the exhibition’s intent to deliver a unique art experience during a time where galleries and in-person exhibitions have been limited. The exhibition aims to invite audiences to participate in the journey of art creation and appreciation. The store not only features limited edition prints for sale, but also offers buyers more choice in how they want to experience their favorite artworks including video frames, decorative art, and even face masks, apropos for 2020. All pieces will unlock videos when viewed through Playform’s augmented reality app.

Destination/Journey is on view through January 15, 2021, at

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