Take the next step of your creative career at Moore College of Art & Design, located in the cultural hotbed of Philadelphia. Our one-of-a-kind Graduate Studies programs in Socially Engaged Art and Art Education with an Emphasis in Special Populations are open to makers, educators, researchers, and activists who thrive on a shared passion for learning, production, and experimentation. Applicants may be eligible for first-come, first-served fellowships and assistantships, on a case-by-case basis.

Moore’s challenging educational environment and outstanding faculty will inspire you to pursue your work with focus and intensity. You’ll benefit from rich opportunities in Philadelphia and beyond, through projects, collaborations, and community partnerships. Students successfully complete their degrees with the capacity and drive to be influential practitioners and thought leaders in the fields of fine art, community and/or public art, art education, museums, and elsewhere.

Our Socially Engaged Art MA (one-year) and MFA (two-year) programs bring together artists and organizers to critically and pragmatically engage in discourses and practices concerned with art’s relationship to place, collaboration, ethics, material, and interdisciplinary research. Through classes, public programs, community partnerships, and the work of renowned students and faculty, we ask challenging questions about the role, history, and potential of art in relationship to society.

The Master of Arts in Art Education with an Emphasis in Special Populations is a rigorous 15-month (27-month with certification) program that prepares art educators for adapting and implementing classroom skills and strategies that enrich the lives of all learners. We develop and test innovative techniques through action-based research in a field setting, while critically assessing policy and documenting the study of contemporary art education issues for diverse learners. 

Forge your path at Moore. Request more information, schedule a one-on-one info session, or start your application today. Contact us at (215) 965-4015 or gradstudies@moore.edu.

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Hannah Lee’s Dreamlike Realism

Being bowled over by an unknown artist’s first one-person show does not happen often but when it does, it renews your faith that the art world is not just about buzz and hype.