Ah, the simplicity of it all. A simple tumblelog post has evolved into a Twitter meme simply named #emojiarthistory.

Edvard Munch may be the only artist blessed with his own emoji, but it appears the emoji lexicon is quite flexible, particularly when it comes to art.

Here is the original Tumblr post by ladiesupfront.tumblr.com:


Needless to say, after artist ManBartlett got his hands on this post he helped spawn a new hashtag. Here are some of our favorites:

UPDATED: Some newer contributions to the continuing story of #emojiarthistory!

And one museum gets into the game, creating emoji versions of work in their collection:

And this wouldn’t be art history if certain things weren’t contested:

And one of our readers sent this recent emoji-filled conversation she had with a friend:

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