Research can take many forms: writing, working in archives, dialogue, making, and examining things that have been made. When culturally sensitive and collaborative, we believe it can nurture and develop the field of craft. The virtual symposium Craft Ways 2021: Tending to Craft takes the format of a research experiment with one key question:

What work can we do together that we could not do alone?

Over three days of listening, making, and discussing in virtual sessions, we will share research tools, works-in-progress, and think critically with one another. How can we learn from — and with — each other?

Symposium activities will be both led and joined by participants ranging in career levels, income levels, and backgrounds to ensure a holistic and collaborative experience. Programs include presentations, workshops, and panels, as well as open sessions led by Tiffany Momon, Andres Payan Estrada, and Julie Hollenbach, among others. If you are ready for an open-ended and collective consideration of what it means to tend to craft research, join us for Crafts Ways 2021: Tending to Craft.

Craft Ways tickets are available at three levels, all providing full participation in the symposium. Standard tickets are $120 while $60 tickets are available to students or underwaged workers. You can also purchase a $180 supporter-level ticket and help make the symposium accessible to students and underwaged workers.

To learn more, visit View the schedule and purchase tickets here.

Craft Ways takes place from July 22–24, 2021, from 12–6pm (EDT). For inquiries, reach out to

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