New Mexican artist and adobera Joanna Keane Lopez creates work that looks both forward and backward through time. ​​Integrating large-scale installation, earthen architecture, and land-sourced materials, she embraces wildcrafting and adobe architectural practices in her art, continuing the legacy of the adobera and enjarradora (women who are masters of constructing and preserving earthen buildings).

Joanna Keane Lopez: Land Craft Theatre includes two large-scale installations: one made of adobe, plastered with colored clays and hand-harvested alíz (a clay slip paint), and the other made of paper and wire, brought to life using plant and insect dyes. Together, they reimagine notions of home and highlight the theatrics of land and sky. Throughout the exhibition, Keane Lopez intends to enrich visitors’ understandings of land-sourced materials by bringing into focus every aspect of the creative process and the intimate dialogue between artist, medium, form, and color.

Colombian artist Oswaldo Maciá’s New Cartographies of Smell Migration | Santa Fe features a multi-sensory immersive sculptural installation that celebrates movent and migration through sound, smell, and sight. Set among hand-painted maps annotated with notes on the cultural history and biological role of smell, this olfactory-acoustic work diffuses the fragrance of tree resins sourced from forests in El Salvador and Honduras, which have played major cultural, religious, and medicinal roles among Indigenous peoples of the Americas since time immemorial, and have been exported globally since the 16th century. The accompanying audio sculpture features a blend of sounds, including wind recorded in various deserts around the world and insects from the Choco region rainforests of Colombia.

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SITElab 15: Joanna Keane Lopez: Land Craft Theatre and Oswaldo Maciá: New Cartographies of Smell Migration | Santa Fe were organized by Curator Brandee Caoba.

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