The Columbia University School of the Arts Visual Arts Program presents the 2022 MFA Thesis Exhibition in collaboration with the Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery at the Lenfest Center for the Arts. This exhibition encompasses work by the 33 artists who will complete the Visual Arts MFA Program in May 2022.

Curator Elisabeth Sherman notes, “For these 33 individuals, this exhibition marks the beginning of the threshold between their lives as students and the future that lies ahead.”

The show is on view April 23–May 22, 2022. Gallery hours are Wednesday–Sunday from 12 to 6pm (ET). Registration is required.

Sound Artists
Anthony Sertel Dean, Jonathan Harris, John Thomas Levee

Visual Artists
Katherine Blackburne, Linus Borgo, Kaela Mei-Chee Chambers, Hyoju Cheon, Alejandro Contreras, Hilary Devaney, Fadl Fakhouri, Linnéa Gad, Danielle Gottesman, Amada Gris, Jacq Groves, Erin Elise Holland, Julia Jalowiec, Sophie Kovel, Breeze Li, Joseph Liatela, Lyn Liu, Xinyi Liu, Raphaela Melsohn, Keika Okamoto, Mimi Park, Júlia Pontés, Jeremy Z. Qin, Abby Robinson, Christen Shea, Kelsey Shwetz, Ryan Muchen Wang, Elzie Williams III, Yixuan Wu, Lizzie Zelter

There are of course many overlapping interests amongst the group, be it content that is often reflective of this moment — the systems and institutions that shape our society and reinforce inequity, identity position and personal history, environmental precarity, and the relationship between humans and the non-human natural world, or disorienting and uncanny investigations of architecture and private space — or formal inquiries into abstraction, materials, and artistic histories, amongst many myriad and overlapping others.

Elisabeth Sherman

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