On March 13, 2020, as theaters shut their doors and so many of us went into lockdown, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and The Public Theater’s Writer-in-Residence Suzan-Lori Parks picked up her pen and her guitar and set out to write a play every day. What emerged is a breathtaking anthology of plays and songs that chronicle our collective experience and the hope and perseverance that occurred throughout that troubling year.

Performed in the intimate music venue, Joe’s Pub, Plays for the Plague Year is a theatrical concert featuring Parks’s work. It is both a personal story of one family’s daily life and a sweeping account of all we faced as a city, a nation, and a global community.

Niegel Smith directs this life-affirming new work that beams with humor and humanity, bears witness to what we’ve experienced, and hopes to offer inspiration as we shape our future.

To learn more and purchase tickets, visit publictheater.org.