A Look at the Social Media Impact of #BanksyNY Residency


Editor’s Note: Post-#BanksyNY residence, we turned to our number cruncher, Zachary McCune, to analyze the social media impact of the Banksy residency. Of course, all these tweets, photos, and other data points are simply those items that were labeled correctly. One can only imagine how big the impact was beyond these tagged items.

And related, the New York Times is saying that the NYPD are not classifying the Banksy balloons “art.” They report:

The letters’ estimated value, according to a gallery owner who specializes in Banksy’s work, is between $200,000 and $300,000. But in the view of the Police Department, which has categorized the balloons as “arrest evidence,” they are somewhat less rarefied, possibly to their peril … The categorization of mere balloonhood may mean the work will be discarded. To be saved, the piece must be claimed, and if it is not, it could be auctioned should the department deem it valuable. Neither has happened.


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