Editor’s Note: We’re pleased to introduce our newest comic contributor, Steven Weinberg, a former Brooklyn artist who has moved to the Catskills. This will be a continuing series.


A former Brooklyn artist who has since moved to the Catskills, you can visit his website (stevenweinbergstudio.co) or follow him on Twitter (@steven_draws) for more information. And here's the link to...

4 replies on “The Story of a Brooklyn Artist Who Moved to the Catskills”

  1. Welcome to the Catskills, fellow cartoonist! And if it should strike, hold off on that urge to floodlight your yard like a crime scene… you’ll get used to the dark soon enough. May even get to liking all them stars at night!
    Hope the mountain air aids your muse.

  2. What else have you got? ; ) I made a comparable move a couple years ago, and I’ve been tripping over myself as a rural rookie ever since. Before moving to the country, I thought my journey was a bit like riding a roller coaster. After I moved from city to the Berkshires–the roller coaster no longer serves as an apt analogy; Think more along the lines of a Whip Car pulled by 10 sled dogs with periodic breaks for induced nausea and dizziness from a detour on the Rotor ride. Cheers!

  3. I did the country. Came back to NYC – to Staten Island, almost country. Both have their joys. Looking forward to your series.

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